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Spiderman games make another category of high demand online games, but if we are to thoroughly discuss Spiderman games, we are going to need to talk about them in a broader sense. What I mean by this is that we need to think about Spiderman games both online and on gaming consoles. Basically when we speak about it in these terms, we are going to have a historical discussion more than anything else.

Spiderman games probably got there start on Atari. I was pretty impressed to see that this is a web-slinging games. The point is to climb your way up buildings using Spiderman’s web as fast as you can without getting knocked off. There is usually a boss of sorts at the top waiting to complicate things and try to keep you from reaching your goal. As far as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES [as if you didn’t know]) and Spiderman games are concerned, I know that there is at least one. The only thing is I have never played it or seen it and therefore know nothing about it.

I have, however, played two Spiderman games on the Sega Genesis, and like most third-party games like these, it was also made for the SNES. The first one that I have played F95zone is called Spiderman/X-Men. In this side scrolling game you choose from among Spiderman and some of the X-Men characters to play with. Each character has it’s own series of stages to complement their respective superpowers. The graphics in this game are not impressive at all, and the gameplay is not much better. For instance when you press the button to use Wolverine’s power, his blades just come out. Another game from this era is Maximum Carnage. In this game you choose between playing as Spiderman or Venom. This game is similar to the last one in that each character has his own set of stages to overcome with different villains to vanquish, but this game has much better graphics and an arcade-style gameplay that was very well executed. The other facet of Maximum Carnage that made it much better than Spiderman/X-Men is that it has a storyline with tastefully done cut scenes.

With the release of the Spiderman movie trilogy and the jump to 3-D game development in the last ten to fifteen years, we have seen at least three high profile Spiderman games across multiple consoles. In some of the earlier 3-D Spiderman games, the concept of traveling by slinging webs was so prevalent, that you could do it anywhere. You didn’t even have to find anything to stick your web to. Since then there have been many other Spiderman games that have fixed this problem, thus making gameplay much more interesting. Again I haven’t actually played or watched anyone play these games so I don’t know much more about them.

Of course online Spiderman games begin to coincide historically with the 3-D console games, especially since the second movie. One subcategory of these online games is actually that of games made by the film studio to advertise the movie. Usually the graphics on these games are better than independently made games, but the gameplay isn’t that interesting.

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