Blogs As A Social Bookmarking Platforms

Blogs offer countless opportunities for launching your business into the social media networks, and they can be designed as an extension of an existing website, or simply stand alone. Blogging is moving far beyond the casual journal style of the initial growth stages, allowing businesses and large companies to develop a fresh identity.

Blogging culture allows you to take part in a conversational style of marketing, reaching hundreds and thousands of visitors on a daily basis, and even creating a following. Providing high quality content is an important component of your blog; without good articles and content, your readers will simply move elsewhere.

A blog can be used as a platform for your social bookmarking efforts since each and every link to an article can be shared independently. This is why you need to implement a social bookmarking badge or link on your site, since the times that you are not independently marketing yourself, another visitor may go ahead and do it for you!

Blogs are an easy way to break apart your website into different subjects and categories Even a well-organized website can be limited when it does not offer comments or space for feedback. While many websites are being designed in this way, the benefits of launching a blog along with your site are a valuable opportunity to generate higher readership.

Blogs also give you an option to implement an RSS subscription service. Since many people simply do not have the time to visit multiple sites in a given day, an RSS feed can deliver new content to their e-mail box or other RSS reader. This gives you a chance to share the link with each and every subscriber, and every time you publish, you increase the chances of someone simply submitting your content to a social bookmarking site or network.


Your blog may be setup through a variety of services including Blogger, WordPress, or TypePad. Whichever format you choose, it’s a good idea to look for widgets and code that can add social bookmarking buttons to the site immediately. Remember that this makes it very easy and efficient for your readers to start submitting something they read to multiple social bookmarking networks and search engines; all you have to do during these stages is provide quality content on a regular basis, and work on generating a large amount of traffic. Traffic will build on itself, and the more-established your blog becomes, the higher the chances that it will be discovered.

As your content starts to join the networks such as StumbleUpon and Digg, you’ll notice immediate surges in traffic. Traffic is driven largely by the number of interested visitors who rate and vote on your site, and how valuable the content is to a variety of readers. Not only do you need to focus on creating evergreen and valuable content on a regular basis, but it’s important to make it easy for search engine rankings with the appropriate amount of keywords.

When it comes to web host news how do you stay up to date? If you are interested in becoming a webmaster, or are already in this position, you are probably well aware of how important it is to stay informed as to what is going on. And of course, if you offer web hosting you most definitely need to know what is going on at all times. The more that you know about the industry the better off you are going to be. And just like most, when it comes to web hosting, things are on the go at all times. So what is here today may be gone tomorrow, and new technology is always on the up and up. As you can see, staying on top of the most recent web host news is something that you must definitely do.

There are many ways that you can get the hottest web host news on a regular basis. As you can imagine, one of the best ways to do this is to use the internet. There are many news sites, including Yahoo and Google, which offer plenty of information on the latest and greatest in the web hosting industry. And of course, there are more tech oriented sites that concentrate more on this side of things. In other words, they only provide information on things such as web hosting and other industries that are related. This may be your better option so that you do not have to sift through stories that have no bearing on what you are interested in.

Another option is to find the best web host blogs, and then make it a habit to read them everyday of the week. There are many blogs that fall into this category, and the great thing about them is that you can get the insider scoop on a lot of the hottest stories. Additionally, some of these blogs are maintained by people in the industry. The nice thing about this is that you know you are getting the best information when you read them. If you can find web hosting companies that have their own blog, you will want to read them as much as you can. This is where you will find updating news breaks, and much more.

Of course, there are also some publications that offer web host news. The only bad thing about these is that they are not updated on a regular basis. Remember, if a resource is in print it can only be sent out once a week at most. This means that you will have to wait to receive news, and of course, you may not get all of the information that you want. Although print resources are a great way to get web host news, it is not a better option than using the internet to stay up to date.

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