Building a Blog for Free

Blogs have become the lifeblood of the internet, and a brand new method of advertising considered by many to be the next generation in news media. It’s amazing how we are no longer dependent upon the news stations for our information Sherry Dyson . While bloggers could be inaccurate, many of them are well informed, and you could very well be one of them. If you’re ready to start your own blog then keep reading — it might just be easier than you think.

To start, you will need to locate a site to host your blog. There are two major services which include WordPress and Blogspot. These are both great options, meaning you will choose one based on your own preferences. WordPress might be easier for beginners if you so desire.

Once you choose a host and learn how to start a blog, you will find that creating entries is actually quite easy. The interface for most blog hosting sites is presented as a text editor, and you can manipulate formats and fonts just as you would in Word or OpenOffice. In addition to creating blog entries, you can also go back and change them if need be.

Something important to note is that your blog will be split into yearly archives, at least when you are dealing with the popular blog options. An entry you make one year ago will be allocated to the appropriate year, but you can create additional categories for easier access. You can also set it up to automatically do this to make it easier for your readers.

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