Download Magazines on Your iPad

iPad magazine sales have started off slow, but this does not deter the Media Industry as they are optimistic that the situation will improve as Apple’s iPad becomes more popular. Once the popularity of e magazines takes off it will be as natural as breathing to download magazines instead of picking them up at the local newsstand.

Paper magazines will probably never become redundant, but Publishers are hoping that demand for online magazines will exceed all their expectations in the not too distant future Elisa Gayle Ritter. Good news from Rodale Inc. is that both the “Men’s Health” and “Women’s Health” are now available as digital magazines. There are a few well know Publishers that are paving the way for the e magazine to become more popular.

Most Publishers are very excited about creating the emagazine, as there is so much more potential for interaction on the screen than one could have on paper. Advertisers are also excited and are going to use the iPad to its full potential as ads can now become interactive with videos. An online magazine will be a cut above its paper counterpart.

The big question is always – how will the price of an iPad magazine, compare with a paper one? Most popular magazines are expected to be priced the same, and will match newsstand pricing. Some publications are expected to be a bit cheaper online, while a couple of scientific magazines appear to cost quite a bit more than the paper ones. The usual discount will be applicable for subscriptions for i-pad magazine as well.

It would be impossible to mention the magazine without mentioning the infamous and sometimes controversial swimsuit issue. The first one was published in 1964 and men found photos of supermodels posing in often very skimpy, barely there swimsuits impossible to resist ( a fair share of women bought the swimsuit issues, too, perhaps to see how they measured up in comparison with the models). While the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated flies off the magazine shelves, there are some readers who write protest letter or even cancel their subscriptions yearly – all because of this issue.

It isn’t only athletes or swimsuit models who have graced the cover of Sports Illustrated. Famous celebrities have been used to promote sports. These include Ed Sullivan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and even Big Bird. Sports Illustrated has even spun off a special edition of the magazine for children, Sports Illustrated Kids.

Since sports has its share of controversy and a wide mixture of athletes, there have been some who have been featured in the magazine for sad reasons. Sports Illustrated even has had memorial covers. Ted Williams was featured after he died of a heart attack. Pat Tillman, who played for the Arizona Cardinals, appeared on the cover after he died in Afghanistan.

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