Healing With Natural Energy

Trees have long represented a multi-dimensional reality in shamanism.

Native Americans call trees “The Standing People. While they’re not mobile, trees are active and conscious, and rooted in their existence. They are considered to be the link in the relationship between Heaven as well as Earth and are considered to be guardians of the natural environment Home About Contact Services.

Celtic Shamanism is based on the idea of”the Tree of Life, the “Axis Mundi” as a connecting link that connects all worlds. The roots represent the Lower World which is our unconscious mind, or “The Place of Empowerment”. The roots are situated in the earth. They have access to the deepest levels of the unconscious mind where hidden potential lies. The leaves and branches represent their connection to the Upper World, the super-conscious mind or “Place of Creativity”. The trunk of the tree symbolizes it’s Middle World, “Ordinary Time” as well as the conscious mind, and the “Place of manifesting”. This is where our potential is met with creativity, and dreams become reality in the everyday routine world.

Trees and energy

The value of trees for our ecological health is apparent in the present day world. A lot of people believe that trees protect the environment. The roots of trees anchor soil and can prevent landslides. The leaves and branches create a canopy over rivers, cooling the water to an acceptable degree for fishing. Through photosynthesis, the trees take carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as well as nutrients from the earth and energy from the sun to make oxygen. All this helps make the earth’s atmosphere more able to sustain healthy living.

In Oregon State, ongoing studies in phytoremediation (‘phyto’=plant and ‘remediation to correct a fault, pronounced fi-to-re-mee-dee-a-shun), have shown that poplar trees are capable of removing dangerous chemicals from the soil. Through this process, harmful chemicals are absorbed by the root system, and modified then released in an unharmful form through the leaves. After the trees have reached their maximum growth then they are harvested for paper. So, trees are contributing to a cleaner, more healthy environment as well as the renewable energy needed to sustain industry.

Tree energy and Celtic Reiki

The idea of energy from trees is employed within Celtic Reiki to promote healing and to gently bring about change within our daily lives.

Reiki, “universal life energy” is a form of energy healing recognized by its capacity to operate effectively at all levels and enhance overall health. It energizes and heals, decreases stress, and can be used in conjunction with other treatments for health.

A variation in Usui Reiki, Celtic Reiki, uses the vibrations of the Earth and particular trees and shrubs to create an environment for healing and positive change. Therefore, the Celtic Reiki is an Earth-energy Reiki that is channeled by the Base chakra.

It is believed that in Celtic Reiki energy is passed through three attunements. The attunements work with change in the body’s energy flow, healing, and Celtic wisdom. The outcomes of the attunement process will be a lifetime benefit. They offer a connection to the energy of plants and earth that will never be lost. It will always be accessible to facilitate positive change.

Let’s go back in time to get a historical perspective on the evolution of Celtic Reiki. On a cold winter day late in the 20th century, Martyn Pentecost was a Reiki Master/Teacher who lived in Croydon, U.K. began an ever-growing process of learning. According to Martyn, “…having studied various types of Reiki over the years, I was guided to work with the natural world. When channeling Reiki to help animals plants, trees, rivers, lakes, the oceans and the earth, I discovered that everything has distinctive vibration – each variety of rock, each stream, and every kind of flower is unique in its energy. I would often get deep in this vibration at times so deeply that I could even mimic the energy when I did Reiki during self-treatments.”

While I was visiting Wales “…I came across a massive Silver Fir tree that had been split in two by an erupting lightning strike. One half was still firmly in place and producing healthy flows of sap to help it heal. Another half was lying on the ground and dying. As I walked closer to the branch, I could sense the huge loss that was felt by the upright portion and an urgency of the fallen half, which was totally separate from the standing section.” He started sending Reiki to the upright section of the tree however, he felt resistance which is why he directed his energy to the falling portion. While he was doing this, “I felt a transfer of energy. When the Reiki flowed through my hands I felt a tingle in my body. There was nothing like it I’ve had before. It was what is the core of the tree’s knowledge, its energies, wisdom and its unconditional love. I was then guided to offer these energies to the standing section of the tree, which I then began to do.”

Over a period of two years, Pentecost investigated various species of plants and trees indigenous to the United Kingdom. To help him remember and understand the distinct energies emanating from different species Pentecost resorted to the ancient Ogham Celtic alphabet. He gave each plant a symbol, which is common in Reiki and other types and forms of work with energy.

In Conclusion

Trees have been powerful symbol of longevity and enduring stability in various societies throughout history. They, together with various other minerals, plants, as well as the earth itself, emit distinctive energy vibrations. They can be channeled and focused through Celtic Reiki to create an energy that increases the body’s receptivity and capacity to take on emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. Trees are a source of nourishment for the earth. They improve our lives by their energy and presence.

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