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Health check – English Language. The medical examination to examine the general health condition of an individual. Health check is also known as health recall or health screening. It is usually a questionnaire used in a particular research study to examine the health conditions of a specific individual Home depot health check.

This is done by taking the informed consent from the individuals. Generally, a health check does not only pertain to the physical aspect but also to the mental and emotional aspects as well. In other words, it helps to monitor the person’s health and determine if he is psychologically fit and physically fit. In addition, a good health check is also used to measure the people’s dental care. In fact, nowadays, a health check questionnaire is now considered as one of the most effective tools in dental care research.

Generally, a health check involves a series of questions relating to the basic aspects of the individual such as the current lifestyle, his past medical problems, any recent surgeries, family medical history etc. The aim of health check questionnaire is to get complete information about the individual’s medical history. Usually, a health check also includes questions regarding smoking, drinking, history of diabetes, heart disease, lung cancer, sexual activity etc. Health check also refers to the detailed questionnaire designed to detect warning signs of potential health hazards (febrile syndrome, osteoporosis etc.)

Generally, health check can be conducted by a primary care doctor, dentist, gynecologist, nurse practitioner, physician, psychiatrist and any other health professional who has completed the graduation and acquired the appropriate license. Health professionals who have obtained a license should include the details of the diseases, disorders and physical ailments that they are specialized to treat. However, in spite of obtaining these licenses, some health professionals might not be competent to diagnose the warning signs of certain serious diseases. These professionals can also help in referral for regular health checks. Usually, primary care doctors, dentists and physicians do not perform medical history or psychiatric screen.

For a health check to be valid, the screening questionnaires include all the modifiable risk factors that change over time. These modifiable risk factors include history of smoking, alcohol consumption, diabetes mellitus, family medical history of diabetes, family medical history of obesity, blood sugar level etc. Modifiable risk factors are those factors that can be controlled or modified and can thus reduce the occurrence of health issues. A healthy lifestyle can reduce the risks of developing diseases as well as prevent further development of the same.

Health Check services have a significant role in reducing the burden of disease control and management and thereby improving the quality of life. The primary care physician needs to perform all types of health checks, irrespective of whether he is performing an at-home or an at-the-hospital service. Both the systems need to support each other in terms of quality, cost efficiency and timeliness. Hence, both the ends – the physician and the patient need to cooperate for the best possible end-to-end services.

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