How Do I Apply For a Name Change?

If you want to apply for a name change for adult, or even a minor, s last name change then you will need to apply for a West Virginia administrative form. This is very simple to do and there is no reason to delay. To get started you will need to contact your county clerk office or check with the Department of Motor Vehicles Information Bureau. Each state is a little different, so the information provided may be different.

The next step when applying for a name change is to request a copy of your birth certificate. You can order this from your local DMV office. If you were born out of state then you will have to contact the department of motor vehicles in that state. A certificate of live birth is also needed. You can order this too from the DMV.

Once you have all of these documents, you are ready to apply for a name change. On the application you will have to list any previous names you might have had and also any current names. Along with the birth certificate you will also need to provide proof of residence. This includes a copy of a security card, driver’s license, or other document showing proof of identification and residency. If you have a Social Security number then you will also need to provide a copy of this. Many times the copy of these documents can be found on the back of a driver’s license.

Another important step when applying for a name change is to submit proof of marriage. The most common forms of documentation used for this purpose are marriage licenses and marriage records. You must also show proof of age. Proof of residency can often be found on utility bills, utility company’s bill, vehicle registration, or other public records. If you are changing your name, it is imperative that you provide proof of citizenship as well.

Many government agencies require applicants for name changes to file a Federal Office Application (OF-612). All of the forms can be obtained at a regional unemployment office, Department of Motor Vehicles, or any US Postal Service location. The form can be downloaded from the OF-612 website, printed out, and filed. There are also several web sites that offer help with filling out the application for a marriage-based green card.

Once all of the required documents have been received and processed, the parents must apply for a name change on the child’s natural birth certificate. Parents must first complete a name change application at a regional unemployment office. This form can be obtained at a regional unemployment office and completed by the parent. Once the form is completed, the parent must sign and date the document, and the signature signifies the approval of the application. The parent must also indicate that they understand that there is a requirement that they consent to the name change.

If this is not acceptable, parents may choose to file a “pees”, “dollars”, or “defendant” petition in the appropriate county courthouse. A name change application for a divorce must be filed in the county where the divorce took place. The petition will need to be signed by both parents and should include the following information: names of parents; addresses; date of birth; social security numbers; maiden or father’s name; mother’s maiden or father’s name; physician’s name; date of marriage; full address of spouse. Upon completion of this petition, the clerk will enter the appropriate information into the County Clerical Register and deliver a certified copy of the same to the clerk of court. The County Clerical Register will also display the names of the parties involved in the divorce and will list the case number.

Once the name of the party involved in the marriage has been recorded, it will be listed in the Public Record of each jurisdiction. In most jurisdictions, once the marriage has been dissolved, the records must be maintained. If the divorce was finalized in a court of law, the final decree must be recorded as well. In order for the courts to record the final decree, the application for a name change must be submitted to them along with the required fees.

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