Some Interesting Whiteboard Games For Your Kids

If you still think that games are just for fun, you are totally wrong. Games could also work as an education and learning method. You can take advantages of a lot of simple things near you to play this kind of game. And do you notice it before? Whiteboard is one of some useful simple items that could bring interesting and useful brain games for your children. Besides, this board allows the kids to write and down on the surface with erasable ink, so you will not waste too much paper during the games.

There are several options of interesting games with whiteboard as the media. The first choice will be “Picture What?” game. During the game, children have to guess the picture drawn on the board. This game is played by two or more teams. Surely, teamwork and interaction between the members of the team are really needed in order to play the game F95zone excellently. Some members of the team have to make some series of drawing while the rest have to guess the drawing of another team.

In this certain game the winner will be the team that is able to guess the drawing in the shortest time. Therefore, you need to pay attention on the time they need to guess what picture shown on the board as well as how long they need to picture their drawing. Make the list of the object they need to draw based on their age. Through this game, children will not only have fun, but also learn more about teamwork and interaction.

The next whiteboard game for your kids is Word Games. There are many kinds of word games you can do supported with your board. One of the simplest word games is Hangman. In this game, the players take turn to choose a word as the puzzle. Then, they need to create spaces for each letter of the chosen word on the board.

The puzzle maker then let the other player to guess the letters to form the word. They need to fill the space with the correct letters guessed by the player. For each wrong guess, he/she could draw part of body on the hangman. The game stops when the player could guess the word correctly or when the puzzle maker runs out of body part to be drawn on the hangman. With this certain game, you can reduce the use of paper while letting your kids play in fun games, not to mention the advantages of improving their vocabulary.

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