The Most Potent Strain of All Shroom Seeds

shroom strains

Shrooms, also known as “magic mushrooms” or “earthworms,” are an exotic mushroom that can be found in several locations worldwide. Often described as pungently aromatic mushrooms, the various mushroom strains vary depending upon their concentrations of psilocybin, the shroom strains psychotropic substance found in rooms that causes the intensely positive, spiritually-charged feelings associated with mushrooms. There are several different varieties of shroom, each having its own distinctive shape, color, and smell. This article will highlight some of the more common types of room, as well as the substances that make up the essential parts of the fungi that create them. The key to mastering shroombing is learning how to read the shroom patterns that are often created by these fungi. With this knowledge, you’ll have the ability to fully enjoy the many different varieties of shroom that exist today.

Cubensis – Also known as the golden cubensis, this is one of the most common varieties of room available. Known as the “pure breed,” this cubensis variety is by far the most potent when it comes to containing psilocyanin. Cubensis is one of the two basic pungent shroom strains, meaning that each strain contains a different mixture of pungent chemicals. Because of this, there can be large differences in potency among cubensis strains, sometimes even coming from very different kinds of fungi. Cubensis tends to produce mushroom strains that smell similar to cedar, pine, or other types of wood-roasted foods.

Agaricus (Aurea) – Among the most well-known and popular forms of magic mushrooms, A. flavimaculatus is commonly referred to as “the sweet room.” Sweet shroom strains are characterized by a light, waxy texture and mild, sweet flavor. Commonly found in North America, A. flavimaculatus is commonly used as a dry rub for foods like corn. Interestingly enough, this species also produces spores that have a slightly bitter taste. In some cases, this can be undesirable as it can make it difficult to eat certain foods, but it’s a pleasant enough addition that it doesn’t really matter.

Stamps – One of the most common strains of psilodorous room, stampsi is usually identified as a red or black string with an acrid smell. While it shares some physical characteristics with most other types of mushrooms, stampsi has its own special strains that make it unique. The scent produced by stampsi is usually a bit stronger than that produced by other pungent species, and it produces spores that have a slightly bitter taste. This species is most commonly grown for use as a pungent and aromatic spice in shampoos and similar products. It has also been used to help treat skin disorders, though its active ingredients have not been scientifically proven in any case.

Cuauinos – Also known as cucharinos or Cochin, cucharinos are a yellow-brown to orange-yellow hybrid of mushrooms. They can be identified by their strong, acrid scent that is released in the air as they are being eaten. These intense flavors can make cucharinos a popular ingredient in foods like tamales, sauces, and Mexican chili. However, the exact psychotropic value of cucharinos is unknown, and no scientific studies have yet been performed to confirm the efficacy of this type of mushroom.

Cubensis – A species of mushroom that is native to Mexico, cubensis is also commonly referred to as just “Cubus”. It’s the most common, pungent species found in North America, and Cubensis can grow in many of the same habitats that can grow pungent species of mushroom. It’s the cubensis that produce the most concentrated and therefore potent, amounts of the pungent substance known as psilocybine. This substance has a profound effect on both the body and mind of the individual who consumes it, and is believed to play a role in Cubensis’ increasing popularity as a psychoactive substance. As such, Cubensis is often consumed as a therapeutic mushroom.

Herbites – Shrooms are some of the easiest to grow, and therefore the most popular, mushroom strains foragers. There are two species of termites, each species having a slightly different way in which to grow, resulting in a wide range of strains. The fastest growing of these two heroines is, quite surprisingly, the Wasp.

Psilocybe cyanescens – This strain is another fast growing and very potent, strain. It can grow quickly and have an intense, long lasting, “high” associated with a very strong odor. It’s important to note that although this strain is very powerful, it doesn’t actually produce any psilocyphen, only pheromone. There are other p. cubensis strains that produce p. herpete, and are sometimes included in lists of the most potent strains.

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