Air Jordan Shoes – Style and Comfort Meets With Every Step!

The Air Jordan shoe is an iconic brand and arguably more famous than Nike, within certain aspects. This is of course due to several factors. One is its endorsement by its namesake Michael Jordan. The other is that it is shoe brand that constantly improves upon its design to make an amazing shoe even more fantastic. This makes this the shoe for many professional and college level basketball teams. The final factor is that they are the only shoe line that is treated as the recognized source of collector’s items. The shoes are already considerably expensive with each annual release but get a rare enough edition with significant value and you can resell the shoe for easily triple its original value. Cheap air jordan Shoes

The particular shoe that is being reviewed is the Air Jordan XX3. This is the 23rd shoe to come out in the series and as it is the same number as Michael Jordan’s jersey numbers it is the last shoe model to have a numeral in the title. The shoe’s biggest features are its understated look and use of the technologies that make this iconic brand so popular among professionals. This gives the shoe a simple look that suits it pretty well.

The shoe’s design actually draws inspiration from sprinting spikes and most reviews point out the shoes light weight and simple design as its key selling points. The shoe also makes new innovations in support especially with the TPU an independent modular suspension system the shoe utilizes. Unlike other generations this is the first to use a TPU that completely wraps around the foot. This combined with a rigid structure gives the shoe unprecedented support.

The shoe upper styling also has a lot to recommend it. The upper part of the shoe wraps higher around the ankle, providing greater support and preventing the type of ankle sprains that can occur during basketball play. The shoe also has great styling that reduces friction and pressure on the Achilles’ tendon.

Despite these great innovations there are still some flaws with the shoe. First off the pursuit of a lighter shoe leaves the Air Jordan XX3 shoe vulnerable in a couple of important areas. First off the cushioning while initially adequate can wear over time. One reviewer upon testing of the shoe over three months use saw the cushioning in the forefoot considerably reduced. The shoe was worn in 3 to 4 games a week over this time much less than an average NBA professional season. The other problem was the rubber sole, which is thinner than in previous models. This made problems like slipping on the heel more likely to occur.

The Air Jordan XX3 shoe is pretty solid and stands well with its predecessors however its aim at lightness allows for some flaws that need to be addressed in later reissues.

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