An Overview of Silicone Gasket Material

Many industrial sectors like the food, automotive, construction and the medical make massive use of silicone gaskets. Silicone is a popular material for gaskets in these industries because of its inherent properties.

Many custom silicone products manufactured need to be resistant to heat and chemicals, low toxicity. As well as things such, as engine and transmission oil etc. To give an example, a low toxic silicone gasket proves to be ideal for use as food grade gasket material.

Silicone gaskets are used in unique applications where each application has its own specifications and demands. Silicone rubber is the right material to fulfill the need for soft rubber seals or gaskets in various industrial sectors.

In the food industry, sheet silicone is used for the manufacturing of various seals and gaskets. Due to its low toxic nature, being odourless, soft and a non-marking material, the elastomer is manipulated into several custom silicone products. It also possesses high resistance to extreme temperatures.

Apart from the food sector, silicone gaskets find applications as sealants for airbags and rubber o rings in the automotive industry for engines and transmissions. Some examples of products manufactured using silicone gaskets are as follows:

Solid Silicone Rubber
Caulking This is commonly used on metal or rigid enclosures that require higher closure forces. Solid silicone rubber is manufactured using fabrication methods, like water jet cutting or dies to cut.

Solid silicone rubber is mostly used for water sealing and submersion applications. It is available in a wide variety of gauges and widths.

Open Cell
These products are soft and cellular in shape and are used as a soft seal when low closure forces are needed. Open cell is an excellent option for environmental seals because of its open cell structure and performs well during any temperature. It is also resistant to UV rays.

Closed Cell
These items are more popular and readily available as compared to open cell silicone products. They have smoother surfaces than open cell structure.

Injected Molded Gaskets
Injection Molded gaskets find their use in heavy wash down or water submersion applications. Molded seals are round and have three dimensional or custom cross-sections.

The type of product and gasket design can be determined based on their fabrication techniques and costs. The various properties of silicone gaskets allow them to take many forms such as a soft rubber seal, o rings, horseshoe etc.

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