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crypto payments

Get Started Now. Getting Started with Crypto Payments is Easy. One wallet to hold your private transactions and one to hold your public payments. 2, 225+ coins. Unlimited features on the move.

Global Payments. Delivered at over 150 countries worldwide using only the most secure cryptocoin payment gateway. Enhanced in-room transactions with encrypted Coins. Advanced security for secure and hassle-free global payments using Coins.

Point of Sale. Store, forward, and receive your sales transactions securely and immediately through the use of a real-time Coins payment gateway. No third party information is necessary. Merchants are free to go! Instantaneously approve and debit cards in one click.

Cross Currency Wallets. Merchants transact in multiple currencies effortlessly and safely. With the help of cryptobank gateway, you can transact in different currency pairs on multiple ecommerce platforms. Also, with the unrivaled privacy and block chain protection offered by these cryptobank payment processors, you can transact securely in any currency at any time.

Treasury And Investment Protection. Most of the popular shopping carts today come equipped with treasury features to provide end-to-end expense and sales transaction protection. These cryptobanks offer the most comprehensive and secure end-to-end digital asset and invoice imaging services, along with other advanced transaction encryption services, for your enterprise. The treasury feature in all good cryptobank payment processors allows you to take advantage of the best of both worlds by protecting sensitive and important transaction information with advanced password protection features and physical asset locking to maintain ownership of your intellectual property. You can also set up a number of segregated accounts for your company’s different departments to further ensure that your company information is kept protected at all times.

Offshore Bank Accounts. Several offshore banks are getting into the act as well, providing their financial services to more than just the European Union. Most of these companies allow their customers to transact using the latest digital asset transfer technologies such as bitcoins and thorium. With the advent of ecommerce and online shopping on the internet, the need for international merchant accounts has become all the more essential. Now, you can simply open a gateway account from your local country and transacted in any currency with the help of your international brokerage company, which would otherwise charge you ridiculous offshore banking fees.

Global Market. In order to successfully accept cryptocash and cryptobank payments worldwide, you must have an efficient and scalable payment gateway infrastructure. Since most of the best cryptobank wallet providers have servers in various parts of the world, you need to get your payment processing network situated near the areas where your customers can access your service.

Offshore Location. Most of the top ecommerce companies are located in Europe and Asia. Most of them have a wide network of outlets all over the globe. If you want to offer your services globally, you must go for a global gateway provider so that your clients can easily access your products and services across the globe. Although many of the current marketplace players are operating in the US, some of them are growing their businesses globally. If your aim is to serve the whole world, it is better to accept cryptocash and cryptobank payments through a worldwide gateway service provider as it would ensure fast and safe conversions of your payments to the currencies of the countries your customers visit.

Customer base. This point emphasizes the importance of having a strong customer base in order to succeed in accepting cryptocash and cryptobank payments. To ensure wider acceptance of your service abroad, it is important that you attract a huge customer base from different corners of the world. You can also expand your clientele if you take part in international marketing competitions and offer your services to a wider network of customers.

Secure Server. If you wish to secure your cryptocash and cryptobank transactions, you should get your payment solution based on block-chain technology. There are several instant payment solutions such as Electrum, Shape Shifting Impaired Proof of Funds (SHP), iNET, and FastPay among others that have been pre-loaded with custom security protocol. All these technologies are capable of securing private transaction between two parties, regardless of the currencies they are exchanging. As a result, you don’t need to worry about your customer’s private information getting into wrong hands.

No set up fees. Since this service is usually provided by third party companies, it comes at a cost. But remember, you will not be charged any set up fees since you will be using your own infrastructure for the transaction. This ensures that your business will be able to maintain its competitive advantage as more merchants to adopt this kind of payment option.

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