First Text Message to a Girl That Heralds the Beginning of a Wonderful Relationship – Do You Know It

Last night was one of the best times you had at the party. You met this beautiful girl who made you feel very special. She was fun and the center of attraction.

Yet she made a lot of fuss over you and you are now wondering if she was just an attention seeker or if she has the hots for you!

What should you do now? How do you keep the interest alive? If you are planning to send your first text message to a girl, you should think carefully before you shoot one that only gets a rebuff.

You have just met her and you want to see if this could be the start of a whirlwind romance. Here are a few ideas that you can use when you plan to send your first text message to a girl.

Retain the interest by playing your cards right –

Hold on to your horses and do not jump the gun by shooting off text messages. This is so not cool!

Wait a couple of days even though you have her number and are yearning to contact her. When you maintain a silence, she will suddenly wake up to the fact that you have not tried to contact you even when she made it so obvious that she was throwing her cap at you!

After two days, send her a test message to check if the number is the right one. If she responds you have nothing to fear.

This is the time to behave in a mysterious manner and that is by taking the dominant role and teasing her. One of the messages that you can start texting her is to ask her if you could confide something important.

Of course, curiosity kills the cat and who can avoid answering such as text?

When she replies you should send her a message that reads:

“This is hot news! I am crazy about (mention her name) and I wish she did not hide that fabulous figure of hers.”

What do you think will be her reaction? She is going to be thrilled but will want you to spell it out. So she 문자발송replies with “Oh, tell me more!” You have got her attention and here is your cue to start a relationship with her.

Use different tricks to increase her interest in you –

The other trick is to send her a text asking whose number it is.

“I am not sure if this number belongs to someone special – please help!”

Sound surprised when she responds with her name! Tell her you are surprised that you have not been floored with text messages from her.

“Every girl I meet sends me tons of messages and it is difficult to keep tabs!”

Yes, it is the height of arrogance but these types of text messages evince the right type of replies and you need to get a reply to continue pursuing her, don’t you?

Some men go a step further. You can also try this after you send your first text message to a girl. Surprise her with a question that demands an answer.

Ask her if would prefer a movie or a cozy romantic dinner for two? Before she has time to respond ask her if she prefers tequila shots or a glass of wine. You can also ask her about the type of food or restaurant she prefers.

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