How Covid-19 Has Impacted Study

A zestful and contemporary country, Ireland has a youthful population that pushes the country to be one of the most dynamic in the world. Over 40% of the population is below 25 years, and this is one of the major reasons Ireland is able to become one of the fastest growing economies in the world. A rising hub of education, it caters to over 150000 international students. Students like you decide to study in Ireland because it has one of the highest quality of life according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Quality of Life Index. Not only this, but it is also known as the World’s Friendliest Countries according to the Lonely Planet Travel Guide. There are many reasons you should consider to study in Ireland. An alluring country, Ireland offers impeccable services for you to have a smooth university experience.

Due to the COVID-19, there is likely to be an impact on the education scenario in Ireland guinee news

Current Scenario
Students looking to study in Ireland should be aware of the fact that courses are scheduled and it is expected that the year will go ahead as planned. However, dates for the different levels of the admissions process are being revised. Updates regarding the same are expected to be updated online soon. Students who have opted to study in Ireland and have applied for visas for the April intake have now been deferred to the September intake.

Steps taken by the universities
Universities in Ireland are undertaking all possible steps to ensure that attributes of flexibility are incorporated in the education system for the benefit of students. Measures to explore avenues for a delay in deposit payments are looking to be explored. Certain universities in Ireland may process student applications without certain application documents for the time being. Universities are constantly reassuring students that the necessary measures will be taken to support student enrolment.

Things to Consider
As prospective students looking to study in Ireland, it is crucial that you regularly check the university website that will help you stay updated in advance. Duolingo is increasingly being used by universities in Ireland as a medium to conduct English proficiency tests. What is noteworthy is the fact that test results are available within 48 hours.

English Proficiency Tests
As mentioned earlier, a considerable number of universities in Ireland are using Duolingo to conduct online tests. Certain universities have gone a step further and are accepting IELTS scores of 3 years instead of the usual 2 years. Moreover, TOEFL ibt home edition tests are also considered.

Students can make an application for a visa online, however, there will inevitably be a delay in securing an appointment at visa centers when they reopen. All the applications made online will be valid till the application centers open.

Enterprise Ireland has come up with the update that they have been in talks with HDFC Credila, for student loans. Currently, they are accepting online applications for student loans online. The several processes of the said stage such as that of document submission is also occurring online. Loans are being sanctioned; however, the disbursement will occur post lockdown.

Stay Back
The 2-year stay option opportunity that Ireland offers, continues to remain intact. It is important that students regularly check the Embassy of Ireland website for timely updates.

In this time of uncertainty, it is best to hold your horses and have the patience to see how the situation pans out.

The 2004 IMD World Competitiveness Report ranks the education system in Ireland as one of the best in Europe. The reason for the same can be attributed to its rich history in tradition and learning. The quality of courses in Ireland is so profound that it has allowed the fast-paced growth in the economy. The growth in the economy has resulted in the unemployment rate to reduce drastically. Because globally, companies have begun to realize the impetus education has provided to the economy, a large number of multinational companies run their back-office operations in Ireland. Not only this. global companies have their European Headquarters in Ireland.

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