How Do I Apply For A Name Change?

An application for a West Virginia child or adult’s name can only be filed with the Office of Vital Records. This office maintains a database of all births and deaths throughout the state. Unless the request is a nominal fee, a copy of this record must be provided to the applicant. Applications can also be filled out online but must still be submitted in paper form. Once the application is completed and approved, the applicant can go to the courthouse to pick up the new identification card.

To apply for a name change for a child, the necessary documents are generally not too expensive. Usually, an application includes a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate plus a verified copy of the marriage license or separation decree. Depending on the situation, the documents may also need to be authenticated by another party such as a parent or guardian. A certified copy of a birth certificate or verified copy of a separation or divorce decree will provide evidence of the person’s identity and thereby make him or her legal proof of age. These certified copies are required to apply for a West Virginia security card.

Another time, when an applicant has to apply for a name change is when he or she is about to be arrested or have his or her name changed because of pending criminal charges. In this case, he or she should apply for a name change as soon as possible. Applying for this kind of a name change is done via the circuit court. A petition to change the name of a person who has been arrested or is on trial is filed in the circuit court, and if the requested name is not available, the applicant has to file a “request for a substitution” along with the criminal charges.

The fourth step to filing for name changes is to arrange all necessary documents. This includes turning in certified copies of marriage licenses, divorce decrees, birth certificates, passport, naturalization certificate, and juvenile records. For an adopted child, his or her adoption papers should be turned in to the Social Security Administration. A certified copy of a birth certificate is another requirement if the applicant wants to apply for a new social security number. He or she must provide a copy of that birth certificate or a copy of a marriage certificate, divorce decree, naturalization certificate, or juvenile record.

The fifth step to apply for a name change is to get a US passport. The applicant then submits the marriage certificate, divorce decree, naturalization certificate, or juvenile record to the passport office. In cases of a marriage certificate, a copy of the marriage certificate is required by the Department of State while a copy of the divorce decree is needed by the Department of Revenue. For a naturalization certificate, the applicant has to submit a copy of the application, receipt, and original document.

Once the above documents are submitted, the applicant can complete the final paperwork in two steps. The first step is to file the request for a name change with the concerned offices. Some counties require proof of citizenship or legal residency before processing a name change application. If the county determines that the requester does not reside in the state, he or she will have to file a federal tax return instead.

The second step to apply for a name change is to submit the aforementioned federal forms along with any other documents that will support the claim for marital status change. Examples of these documents include birth certificates, transcripts, mortgages, deeds, and court documents. Some counties will also require information such as immigration status and payment of taxes. The applicant then returns the completed application and duly signed documents to the concerned department. The process usually takes about six months.

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