Mother and Baby Tips – How Often Should You Feed Your Baby?

Going through a number of baby websites reveals that feeding a baby is no doubt one of the most important aspects of baby care. Feeding your baby the right way ensures that he or she is getting the right kind of nutrition that will help them gain weight and grow at the right speed. Many parents have questions about the feeding plan for their babies and want to know how often to feed their child. The best advice is to feed their babies whenever necessary. Moreover, in the initial periods, babies need food every 2-3 hours in a 24 hour period.

It is important that babies be kept in the parents’ bedroom during the initial feeding periods as this is beneficial for both mother and baby. Going to another room to feed the baby can be highly inconvenient as it makes us 月子中心 fully wake up every time the baby needs feeding. It is best to keep the baby beside the bed so that we can nurse the baby without actually being fully awake. However it is recommended in this case that the baby not be brought into our beds as sleeping with the baby can highly dangerous for them as we could roll over our babies and smother them.

Many parents ask whether they should follow their pediatrician’s feeding plan while feeding their baby. The answer to this question depends. If your child is healthy, it usually wakes hungry every 2-3 hours and this automatically provides a schedule. Thus a healthy baby regulates its own feeding pattern. However if the baby has health problems and cannot regulate the feeding for themselves, then you might have to make a schedule and stick to it so that your baby can get the necessary nutrition and gain weight. Moreover, if you feed your baby on a regular basis, you will find that your milk production also becomes more stable.

There is marked variety in the way infants want feeding. Some of them go through cluster feeding in which they eat small amounts in short intervals. In the initial stages, your baby might eat according to the pediatricians chart but moving on may develop their own feeding patterns and you will have to follow them. Always let your baby eat whenever he or she wants and as much as he or she wants. Lessening the amount of feedings can actually leave your child hungry. There are many child caring tips with regards to baby feeding. Just look on the internet and you will find plenty of mother and baby websites that cater to this.

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