How to Generate Topics for Your DUI Law Firm’s Blog

If you’re a DUI lawyer than you probably spend most of your time in Court and you don’t have a lot of time to spend on marketing for you business. One of the best ways to market yourself and your DUI law firm is to maintain a blog. Not only will it help with creating a buzz about your firm, but it will also help with search engine optimization.

If you already maintain a blog for your DUI firm then you probably know the frustrations of coming up with topic after topic to keep the blog fresh and interesting with new content . Here are some tips to follow and some ideas on how to think of topics to post on.

Check case law everyday. It doesn’t have to be case law in your jurisdiction, but case law anywhere. If there is a major opinion about a DUI case in your jurisdiction obviously you should write about it. But I’m willing to be that will not happen very often. But if you try to follow every major jurisdiction in the United States then this should be good for a few posts a month discussing that particular opinion, why you agree or don’t agree with it, and what the current law is in your jurisdiction.

Follow the news. It seems like almost every day a celebrity gets arrested for a DUI, or there is a article in the paper about DUIs. Blog about it. Write what happened in the celebrity case. Write about your opinion on the news article. Whether it is accurate or not? Etc.

Follow any legislation. Like the news it seems every day there is some piece of legislation that is proposed to toughen DUI laws, or change DUI laws. Write about the legislation. Why you would agree or don’t agree with it. Whether it is feasible. The likelihood of it passing. Readers enjoy hearing about changes in the law before they happen. If you can provide them with that then they view you as an authority in that area. This is good for business.

Lastly write about your firm. If you win a big case write about it. And vice versa if you lose a tough case write a post. If people follow your blog then they will enjoy reading some of these personal tidbits and it gives them an idea of who you are not only as a lawyer but as a person as well.

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