Introduction to Blogs

If we think many years back about the internet then we see at that time internet is just bounded in web pages. As time passed, Picture, Sound, Animation makes this world interesting for people. Then, we saw the brilliant innovation of Search engine, which make the internet more near to the people, because, with help of search engine a person search for anything that he wants. Now, the revolution of internet is progressing well, and more features are adding to internet day by day. Then, we see Blogs and Blogging, which is also a new part of the internet world.

What is a Blog?

It is the place at which anyone can write about anything that he wants Today blogs are the most popular creation of internet among the people. That’s why the Blog is increasing rapidly. The big reason of the increase is that with the help of blogs anyone can write online and show it to the whole population of internet, But, if he goes to the right way So, his words will get the attraction of the internet world.

Blogs can be defined as, A place at which anyone writing and publishing anything online, and these form a list of, weblinks. Blogs are also known as weblog. Who write blogs are blogger, anyone can be a blogger and write blogs with any aim?, People with any profession can be a blogger (News reporter, Columnist, Journalist, Online diaries, Celebrity).

A News website is a main example of the blog, which form like a blog. In the news site, we see every day changing news of the world and these are frequently updating and publishing. Nowadays, blogs are used for numerous purposes. But, it is not guaranteed that all blogs are using in a good way, a blog may be also using in a negative way, for example, weblog which is providing health information to the people, so, the blog is for a positive way. But, if a person hates some buddy mostly are celebrities, politicians, etc. then, he writes a blog against them. So, this blog is using in a negative way.

Now you’re thinking that how blogs are different from websites. Basically there is no difference between blog and website. However, the method of work in blog is different from websites. In websites, if you want to write about something you first need to create an HTML page, then publish your work online. In blogs, if you want to write you don’t need to create any HTML, but write just as you working in a word processor and when you complete your written works then you just need to press ‘Publish’ button and all your work will be online in seconds, and this way you save big time. The reason of this fast work is that blog is working under software, which is managing all the content that we write. It seems like a file box, in which whenever you write all your work placed in a correct place of the file box.

Now we discuss about the most popular blog service, in which you can create your own blog and publish your writing work by doing few simple steps. Now you’ve understood about blogs (Weblogs) and how they are different from websites. As we described above that blogs are working under the software. Today, many websites are using software where we see ‘Powered by’. Softwares are helping website to work easy, fast and good management.

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