Safe Online Dating: Measures Needed To Protect Yourself Online

Online dating can be a really fun and positive experience, and countless happy couples all of the world have used online dating sites to find each other. In the decade or so that online dating has been an option for single people it the internet and the way it is used have become a lot more sophisticated and so there is generally a lot less to be worried about than there used to be speed dating.

Thanks to the fact most people have a Facebook page and because of things like video chat, it is unlikely that the 25 year old woman you are talking to on an online dating site is really a 60 year old man, and it is much harder now then when online dating was in its infancy for people to get away with things like sending photos that aren’t truly representative of what they look like 交友app推薦.

You should still, however, exercise some caution when you first embark on online dating. Safe online dating means taking care of your personal data when you are online while ensuring your personal safety when you go to meet someone you connected with on one of these sites in person 香港交友網.

When you sign up to dating sites, you may want to create a new email address for the site and any potential dates to use to contact you, or alternatively use your regular Gmail or Hotmail type account. Don’t use your work email address; just in case you end up in contact with somebody you’d rather lose touch with. Similarly, be careful who you give your phone number out to. Some people are keen once they have met someone they like online to be able to start talking to them and texting them, but if you are nervous about giving out your number why not suggest a voice or video chat via Skype instead to begin with?

When you are starting to become friendly with somebody on your dating site, suggest that you add each other on Facebook (if you both have it). On Facebook it will be easy to verify a lot of the stuff they have told you – sure, it might be easy to lie or exaggerate about your job or what you look like to one or two people on a dating site, but you can’t do it to all of your friends and family on your Facebook page.

Eventually, after talking for a while, you will need to meet up in real life to take your relationship further. As with any other kind of blind date scenario, make sure somebody knows who you are meeting, where and when (you could even arrange for a friend to call part way through the evening to give you an “out” if your date doesn’t go well!) and make sure you meet in a public place. Whether you prefer to meet up with people early on in the dating process or you have been talking deeply with this person for months before meeting them and really trust them, do not be lax with regard to your personal safety on that first meeting.

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