Sleep Apnea Machines – What you Need to Know

In this article we aim to just cover briefly some of the equipment options that may be available for sufferers, as always it is vital to have your condition properly diagnosed & the appropriate treatment prescribed by a qualified professional.Sleep Apnea, a common sleep disorder can be corrected using different types of Sleep Apnea Machines. These machines are commonly known as CPAP machines bipap machine .

A CPAP machine is an electrically powered device, which can also (in some instances) run on batteries. It helps in maintaining continuous positive air pressure in the respiratory tract.

This nasal treatment is opted for people with Obstructive and Mixed Sleep Apnea Syndrome. While sleeping, a small air blower is connected to the nose with the help of a mask. This Sleep Apnea Machine keeps the airway from collapsing and opens a proper air passage by continuously pumping in air into the respiratory tract either through the nose or mouth. This machine is customary for treating & controlling the effects of Sleep Apnea.

A Sleep Apnea Machine may make the mouth and nose dry and stuffy and irritate the skin. It can also prove to be uncomfortable during sleep. These difficulties can be eliminated by using a humidifier, which avoids the irritation caused due to the pumping in of dry air. A humidifier is a good accessory for CPAP sleep apnea machines and is certainly worth considering.

When the CPAP machines are used for the first time there can be difficulties getting used to the sensation and it can take some time to adjust to wearing the mask and straps. However within a few days a normal sleep pattern can usually be reached. It is important that suitable masks and straps are used to obtain the best fit.

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