Troubled Past For Theaters On Broadway

disgraced on broadway

A disgraced Broadway star has been forced to resign after allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a minor came to light in the press. In fact, the show was already facing suspension before this story broke. However, the entire cast and crew are now under investigation for statutory sexual abuse of a minor. Kevin Spacey, who plays the lead role of Willy Wonka, is being investigated along with several other prominent actors. So far, the show’s current season is being moved to a different channel. Other shows have postponed performances until more information can be gathered.

Even so, the scandal does not mean that Broadway itself will be putting a halt to its productions. Shows like Rent It True Romance and Backstage With Elvis Presley are still scheduled to play this spring. Performances are not being canceled because of this latest twist in the tale of Kevin Spacey.

However, the immediate impact of the story is how it affects the young people who idolize Spacey as the star of the show. These kids are all in their twenties and the sudden scandal could cause them to rethink their relationship with Spacey. Many may even decide to stop watching the show altogether. That’s a heavy blow to the ego of an already vulnerable teenager.

The fact that Spacey is a married man brings into question how he could possibly date a minor while his marriage to wife Lee Pace is in crisis. It also raises questions about his commitment to his spouse and his faith in her. What’s next? Is he going to move out of the family home? Does he think he can get away with his immoral ways? The answers will unfold over the next several weeks.

There are many people trying to figure out what to do. Some are calling for Kevin Spacey to be fired instantly. Others want him to resign. Others are hoping for the best. There are some who are trying to encourage the theatre community to find a way to help Spacey. One idea is for the entire cast and crew to boycott the play and cancel the production.

I believe the best thing they can actually do at this point is to speak up and be supportive of their fellow cast member. Even if they didn’t mean to tarnish Spacey’s name or career, the fact remains that they have every right to be upset. They have a right to be angry and they have a right to tell everyone. As adults, we have the ability to ignore others who try to bully us. But as children, we need to stand up for ourselves.

So far, there has been a one-sided battle within the Broadway community. It appears that the only way anyone can come to grips with this situation is to be honest with each other. The best way to do that is to set aside differences and unite in the next few weeks to do what needs to be done to clean house.

A clean slate must exist for all of the Broadway children who are the victims of the bullying. There are many strong and compassionate individuals who have been very supportive of the many child actors that have been attacked. They have urged parents and actors alike to speak out. Hopefully, this attack will be a wake-up call for all of Broadway to take care of its children.

Many of the child actors have been threatened in some way. Some of them have been told that they will be sexually abused if they speak out. Parents have reported that their children have been threatened online as well. Each individual will need to make their own decisions about how and when to speak out.

Many people are calling for Broadway to fire those child actors involved in The Kids Are All Right. I feel that these accusations are unwarranted. I believe that the individuals involved are merely victims of an emotionally disturbed adult. The fact that they have chosen to go on stage to display their performances in this manner says more about their character than the performance itself. Furthermore, parents who have chosen to watch the play want to know why it happened.

Everyone will have their own opinion about what exactly should have been done. But the bottom line is that hopefully this situation will just go away. It may take time, but hopefully it will be over with. The cast and crew have to deal with the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, but they should always remember that life goes on.

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