World of Warcraft – The Ultimate Gaming Module

World of Warcraft is an online game which can be player by several people at a time. The number of players which can play this game at a time is very large compared to other similar games. This game was the creation of Blizzard Entertainment. This game was introduced in 2004. In a short time it became one of the most popular online games available. It was released as the fourth series of the game called Warcraft Universe. World of Warcraft was released on the tenth anniversary of Warcraft Universe.

More than 12 million people have subscribed for this game and it is now the most popular Multiplayer Online Game and even holds the Guinness record for the same. This is not a free game. That means the user have to buy the game by using prepaid cards available for the game or by using credit cards F95zone. The playing time available will depend on the payment done by the user. For playing this game online, we must select a server. We can play this game only with our server. Server takes a copy of the environment we are playing in it. Only then we can play the game. Gaming controls are similar to just like any online multiplayer game available. In this game also, we control a character. By being this character, we can fight the enemies, overcome the traps and hindrances.

When the player completes each stage, extra skills will be unlocked which helps the player in defeating the enemies easier and the obstacles in the path and can overcome other hardships easily. In this game missions are known as quests. These missions are linked to each other making a chain of missions. These missions involve killing enemies, monstrous creatures, collecting the desired items, visiting the desired location, etc…

Sometimes we have to transport one object to another place. This game also gives an extra bonus point known as the resting bonus point. The point which is obtained while the user is not playing for the game for sometime is known as rest bonus point. When the player is dead, he becomes a ghost in the neighboring graveyard. He can back to his original form by travelling to the place he died. He has to spend some of his gained points for this purpose. After this, the player gets weakened for some time. In this game, there is an opportunity for the player to battle with other players.

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